A centralized support network to help make the perinatal journey less lonely and easier for every mother, with instant access to a community of trusted mothers, caregivers and doctors.

3rd Place Award — DubsTech Protothon2023Role — UX/UI

ContextMy team and I were in the FemTech track for the 2023 Protothon where we were tasked with designing a product that would help mothers through the perinatal journey, more specifically through the postpartum effects after childbirth.

Having only 24 hours to complete this project, our research phase consisted of conducting brief interviews with a few participants, secondary research through forum boards and academic papers, and performing audits on existing products, communities, and resources currently offered.

We learned that obtaining postpartum care can be a challenge for many mothers. The lack of access to resources, support and community can be extremely isolating. We also had to consider other barriers that compound this, such as with immigrant and refugee mothers who have language or cultural barriers, restricted access to resources, and some with little to no financial resources.

How might we mitigate isolation while encouraging connection and support through community for mothers dealing with postpartum depression?

Mobile Interface

Research InsightsPeople hold different levels of comfortability in regards to sharing and receiving information about personal pregnancy or maternal concerns, especially postpartum depression.

Socioeconomic status, language and cultural barriers must be acknowledged in order to holistically provide resources and facilitate connection with others.

Postpartum depression doesn’t occur because of something a mother does or does not do. Our approach needs to be palliative, not preventative.


Finding a Circle
Mothers struggling with postpartum depression often have diffculty finding a support network. Haven surfaces various communities of mothers, caregivers and doctors around you, where you can then join and connect with them to ask questions and be a part of a growing support network, tailored to your needs.

Posting for Help
With a feed you can post to, finding the appropriate resources for your needs gets easier. Tailored to your language preferences, your post will be seen by the right community members who will guide you towards getting the assistance you’re seeking.

Building Proximity
To combat postpartum depression and loneliness, you can find and learn about in-person events happening near you directly in Haven. These events consist of educational workshops, community meetups and potlucks, and resource drives. We invite you to join your local community in person to help alleviate feelings of isolation. Find comfort in those who have went through similar experiences, as well as in local volunteers and doctors providing time and resources to ensure that you get through this difficult stage of the perinatal journey.

CreditsOcean Vu
Zareen Tasnim
Cobi Stancik
Ian Teodoro
Juhi Khare