In Bloom
Abstract generative data visualization/art using historical cherry tree data from the Washingon Park Aboretum.

Coursework2023Role — Generative Design, Motion, Data Visualization

Context Looking at the historical data of cherry trees at the Washington Park Arboretum on a spreadsheet doesn’t reflect the lives and beauty of these trees. Beyond charts, we wanted to represent this population of cherry trees in an abstract and engaging series of visuals.

Visualized are 9 distinct groups of cherry tree species that reside in the arboretum. The visual model takes into account a single group’s total age, average age, number of trees, min/max age, etc, with each value affecting motion, distortion, noise and more.

Special thanks to the UW Botanic Garden and Ray Larson from the Washington Park Arboretum for providing us with this data. 


CreditsOcean Vu
Ian Teodoro