An AI assisted clothing upcycling app that empowers individuals of all skill levels to choose creativity, self-expression and sustainability through an intelligent guided DIY experience.

Coursework — Interface Design2023Role — Creative Direction, UX/UI, Identity, Film

The fast fashion industry hosts a myriad of ethical problems, from wage slavery to irreperable damage to the environment. 85% of textiles end up in landfills each year, polluting rivers and streams, and drying up water sources. The industry as a whole is solely responsible for up to 8% of all carbon emmisions. If that wasn’t bad, fast fashion is often produced in sweat shops, where wage slavery force people to work long hours in hazardous conditions, being exposed to toxic chemicals without proper personal protective equipment.

Instead of targeting the fast fashion industry directly, our concept targets individual consumption practices around clothing. Envisioning an ideal future, our design concept imagines what could be possible in the next few years as AI becomes ubiquitous.

Concept Film

UI Animations

FeaturesMesh uses AI image recognition aided by LiDAR to analyze pieces of clothing, gathering both it’s material type and physical measurements, then generating potential new clothing that could be made using the previously scanned articles. You can then select a generated piece to see generated instructions on how to cut and sew your new piece.

UI Overview

Storytelling through Film
In order for people to understand Mesh as we envisioned it, the speculative nature of this project required us to craft a story that showed the product in use. Film provides the much needed context and worldbuilding for viewers to envision this future with us.

Credits Ocean Vu
Ian Teodoro
Andre Sastropranoto
Alex Heng