A conversational Al guided augmented reality experience for audio journaling and reflection.

Full case study & process coming soon.

Coursework — Advanced Interaction Design2024Role — Interaction, 3D, Film

ContextHow might we navigate our past to benefit our current and future selves, allowing our prior thoughts, our mistakes, and learned experiences to guide us towards living a more present and intentional life?

Throughout a hectic day, with many tasks and events, ones thoughts could get scatters and lost in the process. Reverie is here to allow people to recollect theirs thoughts and offers a way for people to delve into their thoughts, feelings and ideas more deeply, allowing for moments of clarity and retrospection.

Research InsightsVR for health is viable
Mindfulness and interactive VR experiences are beneficial to psychological and physiological health. (Zhang et al., 2021)

Immersion is a powerful tool
Virtual environments provide a broad field of possibilities to create different emotional frames for a mindfulness experience. (Döllinger et al., 2021)

Every moment matters
Benefits of recording smaller everyday experiences are important because they are often overlooked, and these moments provide a unique aesthetic and perspective. (Elsden et al., 2016)

Audio journaling is more engaging
Ubiquitous audio-based tools may support a more cooperative and participatory approach to creative expression among young people. (Sawhney et al., 2018)

Interview Quotes“Looking at my old life, from that perspective can be really, really different... And yeah, I think it makes the little moments very special. And sort of build me up as a character in my own head, you know?”

“Reflection state is like... an out of body experience where like you are by yourself, your eyes are closed and you're in your own head.” 

Mobile AppUnobtrusive, convenient and instant voice journaling allows for fleeting moments, memories, and ideas to be captured.

Headset Experience
On launch, you’re presented with your journal entries represented by spherical point cloud nodes. Reverie’s conversational AI will guide you through your daily reflection, taking you through each entry, asking questions and providing different perspectives to provoke deep reflection. As you progress in your reflection, entry nodes form into an object related to the context of your journal entry, becoming a token in your archive for you to revisit later and listen back to your conversation and original journal entry.

Headset UI not final*

Look and pinch to select

Pinch, hold, then twist to view tokens

Release to put newly formed token back into a cluster

Next StepsVisualize and design the collection/library where a person can go back and see past journal entries, how one can customize an environment with their favorite tokens

Refine user interface and gestures through comprehensive user testing to ensure intuitiveness, facilitating deep exploration and reflection.

CreditsOcean Vu
Andre Sastropranoto
Mark Summer
Ian Teodoro
Chris Sanders
Alex Heng